An astounding amount of business has been moved to the digital frontier. With so much human interaction that has been relegated to long distance, it’s often difficult to see the need for physical media. Paradoxically, it is because of the current environment that makes a business card that much more impacting. This is a time where someone may get dozens of emails daily crying for attention. The simple visit and card can bring you into the limelight compared to your competitors when initiating a conversation. Here I will argue why you need business cards even in today’s market paradigm.

Key factors for consideration

There are a few main aspects of image building that are true regardless of which route you choose.
As a brand or business, it is imperative that it is:

  • Professional
  • Memorable and impacting
  • Consistent
  • Genuine and personal

When you meet someone in a meeting or exchange, and you offer up a business card, it will help the match a face to your name. You are also giving them a reason to follow up with you and a call to action for your business. A good business card has only the essential information on it, such us your name, contact information, business locations and logo.

Cutting out excess will highlight what is important: Having the information on hand should they need to reach you. In a large networking conference, if you are the odd man out without a business card to share, it will create a rift between you and the other businesses represented.

If you find yourself in that situation, you will be able to easily see why you need business cards for your business. They are a relatively inexpensive way to create a lasting impact. You will craft a professional look as well as quickly get your business information into the right hands. This will result in more contacts and more leads.

Whether you use your own design, or our artists help design, we will create a professional image for you and your business.
Stop by our product page for pricing details, or contact us so we can offer quotes on unique materials such as plastic or metal business cards for that innovative edge.

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