Promotional products and small businesses

The Power of Promotional Products There are a lot of misconceptions regarding promotional products and their efficacy. That people just throw them away, or no one remembers the companies that give them away, or have a reduced ROI compared to other avenues of advertisements. These just so happen to be completely false on all fronts,

Benefits of Blended Fabrics

Benefits of Blended Fabrics Whether you are a purist, or don’t mind mixing it up, there are a lot of surprising benefits of blended fabrics – both on the manufacturing side and the consumer side. Spinning together different fibers can compensate for weaknesses between them, such as shape retention, moisture absorbency, texture, luster, and more.

Proud Partner of Sanmar Clothing

We’ve teamed up with SanMar clothing to bring you the best quality, choice of styles, and industry exclusive brands. Such exclusive brands include: Port Authority Red House Sport-Tek District and District Made Port & Company Cornerstone We are also able to supply industry wide brands such as: Nike Ogio Endurance Alternative Eddie Bauer New Era

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

There are many types of printing styles for fabric. Topical application, tie dye, heat pressing, and sublimation just to name a few.  Each of these styles have benefits and drawbacks. In terms of sheer power, complexity, and quality – dye sublimation reigns supreme. Here’s an overview of the downsides and benefits of sublimation printing. How

Why You Need Business Cards in the Digital Age

An astounding amount of business has been moved to the digital frontier. With so much human interaction that has been relegated to long distance, it’s often difficult to see the need for physical media. Paradoxically, it is because of the current environment that makes a business card that much more impacting. This is a time

Custom Embroidery - Is it right for you?

Looking for the right services for your business can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Often it depends mainly on what your aims are. Presenting the best image you can to your potential customers is paramount to success, and professionally printed or custom embroidery on apparel can be a crucial facet